Objectives and Goals

Green Resources’ goal is to be Africa’s best and the world’s best positioned forest and carbon credit company. It aims to generate superior return for its shareholders, provide an excellent working environment for its employees, protect the environment and help develop the local communities where it operates. We aim to create an advanced plantation company. We also aim to develop a first-class, rapidly-growing forest products and energy business in Africa where this helps us provide the maximum value for our forests. The company converts low-yielding grass and degraded forestland to tree plantations suitable for the different areas under its management and ownership.

Green Resources intends to access a broad spectrum of products and markets, and include value adding processing to maximise the value of the forest. The company’s products include sawn timber, pallets, electricity poles, charcoal, and other wood products. The company currently sells all of its products in the rapidly growing East African markets, but also intends to export its forest products.

GR aims to develop a leading African carbon offset business. The company will absorb and store the maximum amount of CO2 through forestation projects and by converting sustainably grown forests into renewable energy.

Green Resources’ goal is to conserve and expand natural forest and other valuable vegetation within its areas of operation and obtain FSCTM certification for all its forests. The company will reach out to local communities to establish farm forest schemes, maintaining a strong focus on sustainable environmental and social development, and adhering to high standards of corporate social responsibility. Green Resources wants to be the preferred employer and attract the best employees in its industry. The company aims to be the preferred partner for the local communities in which it operates and for international business partners and financial institutions.


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