Green Resources was approved as partner with the Norwegian government institution called Fredskorpset in 2009. The first round of exchange between Norway and Tanzania/Mozambique with four employees, and between Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique with four employees is going towards the end. Our experience is very positive, and we are now working on the application for the second phase of exchange. Below is an abstract on the description of the “north-south program”. The “south-south program” is very similar except it does not involve exchange with Norway.

Fredskorpset North-South Programme is one of four programme lines in Fredskorpset in which companies in Norway and in the South exchange employees or members between the ages of 22 and 35. The exchanges enable people with similar professional backgrounds or interests to learn from one another and contribute to competency building in the company. Companies in Norway and in the South form a partnership, which, with funding from Fredskorpset, exchanges personnel and expertise within the same sector or line of work. It is the partnership that sets the goals for the exchange and assumes responsibility for planning and implementation of the Fredskorpset project. The partnership recruits, sends and receives the participants. Fredskorpset assists in project development as well as quality control. It funds the project wholly or in part, and coordinates training and follow-up activities for participants in conjunction with the partnership. Fredskorpset invites the partners to participate actively in its international network. For the participant, an exchange project subsidised by Fredskorpset Primary Programme will last for a total of at least 12 months: this involves preparatory work (one month), the posting abroad (10-12 months) and follow-up activities (one month).

For more information about Fredskorpset please visit their website http://www.fredskorpset.no/en/

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