Green Resources’ largest future expansion is focused on Northern Mozambique. The existing plantations in Mozambique are reasonably modest, with just over 13,000 ha of standing plantations (following a successful merger with GSSF in 2014). However, the platform has been put in place for expansion over the coming years.

Mozambique is a large, sparsely populated country with huge agriculture and forestry potential. It has the potential to establish plantations that could supply wood for world-scale forest industries, including pulp production. The logistics are excellent, with good connections to the Nacala deep-water port. Many other wood industries can start up well ahead of a pulp mill, including charcoal, wood chips and pellets, and Northern Mozambique could become the ‘domestic’ supplier of panel boards to the Indian Ocean region.

Green Resources operates in two regions in Mozambique. Its Niassa Green Resources operations (which is FSCTM certified) are based in Niassa Province, whilst its Lurio Green Resources Lurio operations are based in the province of Nampula.

Niassa Green Resources



Lurio Green Resources




Niassa Green Resources has been developed to the CDM and CCBS through support from Norad covering 50% of the PDD development costs. The PDD is complete and the project has been validated, and is currently undergoing the verification process.


Community development

GR supporting communities within the Niassa vicinity with agricultural production through the agricultural programme. Supplying seeds, support and advice to smallholder farmers. At LGR, to date, the activities have focused on agricultural support, and a joint project with UNICEF called 'Right to Have Rights' which aims to get people registered, provide ID-cards, and birth certificates. Going forwards, focus will be given to projects which improve access to clean water, school classrooms and health facilities, to support the local communities’ needs.


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