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Eucalyptus plantation, Lurio
Co-ordinates: 15° 5'9.01"S, 39°15'51.33"E
Altitude: 200-600m
Mean annual rainfall: 1,000m
Mean temperature: 24°C
Main rains: November - April
Euca: 18-32m3/ha/yr MAI, 5-12 year rotation

The Lurio plantation is our largest with an objective to establish 126,000 ha of eucalyptus plantations in Nampula province, Northern Mozambique. Green Resources believes Lurio has the potential to become the best new large scale forest plantation in Eastern and Southern Africa. In 2007 GR was invited to carry out an assessment of the potential for a large-scale forest plantation in northern Mozambique. Following a successful feasibility study and proposal an agreement was reached with in December 2009 to carry out the project. The government of Mozambique has granted a 50-year renewable land use rights (DUATs) for 126,000 ha of land.

Until 2012, the operations had the character of trial plantings, with 2012-13 as the first proper commercial planting season with 946 ha planted. Green Resources has successfully introduced new partly mechanised plantation methods and intensive silviculture practices, with the result of high growth rates despite of less than optimal timing of the planting. In total Lurio Green Resources now have 1.650 ha planted, with a target of 3,000 ha for the 2013-14 season. A wide variety of eucalyptus and acacia seedlings and clones have been planted as part of a strategic long term tree breeding program. GR is investing in infrastructure and a large new advanced nursery with a 6 million plant production is near completion.

The plantation areas are flat or relatively flat, with sandy soils similar to those at major new planting regions in Brazil. There will be mainly eucalyptus species on a range of rotations with MAIs to rival similar good tree growing areas around the world, but somewhat slower than the best areas in Brazil.

The plantation will be wrapped around the existing railroad and a new tarmac road 200-300km inland from the deep water port of Nacala. Nacala is possibly the best natural harbour on the eastern shore of Africa between Durban and the Suez channel. The railroad and harbour are in the process of being expanded to facilitate the export of more than 20 million tons of coal per year.

The objective of the project is to establish fast-growing plantations on short rotations with the aim of supplying the timber industry with a range of products including pellets, wood chips, timber, poles, charcoal, pulp wood etc. Green Resources believes Nacala is a very good location for a future pulp mill and expects significant wood chipping and/or pellet production to start well ahead of a pulp mill.

Community development

Green Resources will implement an extensive community development program as part of the plantation establishment. To date, the activities have focused on agricultural support, where inputs and market access for new high yielding crops and varieties were provided for almost 1,000 farms last year. Focus will be given to accessing to clean water, school classrooms and health facilities to support the local communities needs.

Lurio - Standing plantation by year of establishment
In ha Pine Euc Other species Total
<2010 0 48 0 48
2011 0 128 0 128
2012 0 173 28 201
2013 0 343 11 354
2014 0 1430 0 1430
2015 0 1633 0 1633
Total 0 3,754 39 3,792
In % 0 99% - 100%