Green Resources' Carbon Offsets
  • Converting degraded land to carbon sinks
  • Certified carbon offsets from Eastern African Plantation Forests
  • At least 10% of revenues will be contributed to community projects

Green Resource helps to contribute to climate change mitigation through the planting of trees and protection and restoration of native habitat areas. Green Resources' projects offer premium greenhouse gas offsets. Our projects contribute to sustainable development, socio-economic development and environmental conservation in rural areas of Africa.

What we do:

  • Project Development: We identify needs for CDM projects in different areas in Africa and develop emission reduction projects.

Green Resources is proud to help develop CDM projects in Africa. Currently we have projects in Tanzania and Uganda and are developing projects in Mozambique. We are committed to use the Kyoto Protocol standards to ensure that our projects are of the highest value. In addition to adhereing to the Kyoto Principle our Uchindile/Mapanda project is also certified under the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA).


Our Projects:


Reforestation of degraded grasslands in Uchindile & Mapanda (CDM project listing link)

Reforestation at Idete Forest Project in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania (currently being verified under the 'Gold Standard' certification scheme) (CDM project listing link )


Bukaleba Forest Project(CDM project listing link )

Kachung Forest Project (CDM project listing link )


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