Green Resources believes that effective stakeholder engagement across its operations is vital to the success of the business. GR has dedicated Environmental and Social Governance teams at all country operations who work closely with the corporate team in Dar es Salaam.

The needs of GR’s stakeholders are carefully considered when developing strategies and undertaking projects. GR has been working with an external consultancy companies on developing stakeholder management strategies. GR continues its engagement with local communities through a number of events and meetings.

GR staff get involved in local events and the subsidiaries hold various open-days and stakeholder meetings to allow for effective feedback and communication with our stakeholder groups. These events help to build better relationships between GR and the local communities beyond formal engagement.

Internal stakeholders are a vital part of GRs effective engagement with stakeholders. GR seeks to ensure all its staff are well informed, and kept up to date with all activities and policies that are relevant to them and their work.

GR is committed to continuously improving its stakeholder management, and will seek to do so at all given opportunities. As part of the grievance management process, Green Resources has increased the ways in which people can contact the company about their concerns, with a dedicated phone-line, email addresses and submission site on our website. For full details see below.

Feedback (both positive and negative) from our stakeholders is important for Green Resources. We believe feedback helps us to continually to improve our relationship with stakeholders, and improve the company’s operating activities.

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