Marketing & Products

Below tables shows the available products per country:

Products Mozambique Uganda Tanzania
Standing Forest (Pine & Eucalyptus)
Sawlogs (Pine / Eucalyptus)
Peeler Logs (Pine / Eucalyptus)
Biomass & Firewood (Pine / Eucalyptus)
Briquettes (Pine) & Charcoal ✔ (charcoal) X ✔ (briquettes)
Sawn Timber (Pine) X
Kiln Dried X
Treated X
Planed / Moulded X X
Pallets X
Sawn Timber (Eucalyptus) X X
Treated Transmission Poles ✔ (Creosote) ✔ (CCA) ✔ (CCA)
Building & Fencing Poles
Droppers, Laths & Scaffolding Poles
Veneer X X

Please contact our sales teams at the various countries with your enquiries:

Download the Sao Hill Industries Marketing Brochure: SHI Timber Brochure (web)

Download the Niassa GreenPly Profile: NGP Corporate Profile