Green Resources is committed to ensuring the long-term sustainability of all resources within the area where the company operates. All activities are guided by a policy of reducing impacts and understanding the interaction between fauna, flora, company activities and surrounding communities.

Green Resources establishes long-term relations wherever we operate, and it is essential for our long-term success that we operate in harmony with nature. We aim for all of our forest operations to be FSCTM certified. Today, three quarter of our plantations are FSCTM certified and our goal is to have all areas certified by the end of financial year 2022/23.

Operating a responsible and sustainable business can only be achieved by developing a culture within the company where respect for humans, other living creatures and nature is our first concern. The Carbon absorbed by forests is essential for combating climate change globally. In Africa, deforestation is a significant concern and the continent’s major contributor to climate change.

Community Relations

All subsidiaries have Community Development Officers (CDO’s) employed to handle day-to-day community development activities.

Green Resources facilitates socio-economic development and poverty alleviation in rural areas through provision of employment, infrastructure development, schools, health and other community development.

In the remote and less developed areas where we operate, social development and support such as job creation and skills development are particularly important and valuable.