Green Resources’ industrial subsidiary, Sao Hill industries (SHI), operates two sawmills, a pole plant and a briquetting factory. SHI markets its products through a network of dealers and distributors as well as its own retail outlet in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania.

In Dar es Salaam SHI products are sold through Matigale Building Products along Morogoro Road and Lumber Company in the Boko area of Dar es Salaam.

Throughout Tanzania SHI products are available from Nabaki Afrika, Tanzania’s largest building products company.


Green Resources’ plantation subsidiary in Tanzania, GRL Tanzania Ltd (GRL), manages three plantation blocks (Uchindele, Idete & Mapanda), with approximately 15,500 ha of planted forest.

Green Resources and GRL’s objective is to grow trees for a wide range of forestry products. The Southern Highlands of Tanzania already have East Africa’s largest concentration of plantation forests and the largest wood processing industry.

There are good road connections to the main population centres in Kenya and Tanzania, which represent the home markets for the Southern Highlands’ wood products. Dar es Salaam port is an export hub with favourable connections into the Middle East, India and the rest of Asia. The Southern Highlands have the potential to become a large producer and exporter of wood products.