Skills training in Uganda & Tanzania

Green Resources have initiated and conducted several skills development projects.

Starting with Uganda, a voluntary ‘Food Security Program’ was started in the communities surrounding the Kachung project in 2017. So far, the program has reached 13% of the 2,100 households in 17 communities. The project has helped train community members in improved farming techniques, and has helped to increase diversity of crops, and improved crop yields, both of which have resulted in increased food security and income for the farmers involved. The interest for the project is growing and the project will continue and expand.

In addition, GR has provided training in cooking and baking using the energy efficient cook-stoves that villagers have installed in their homes and thereby gained useful skill for home-life and production of products sold at the local markets. GR found a local woman to provide the training. A total of 183 participants (including 27 men) from 12 villages took part in the training in October last year. The participants believed the training was a great success.

In Tanzania GR has also worked with local communities to develop training programs. Women from a number of GR’s communities have expressed an interest in both financial skills development and entrepreneurship training. In cooperation with local banks and NGOs, GR has developed an ‘Entrepreneur training program’ ready to be kicked off. The program will teach the women about micro-finance which can be used for a small business. The training also includes practical skills such as soap and batik making. The aim is that especially women will develop small businesses helping to create new livelihood development opportunities for its communities.

This is an example of how active participation from the communities, and engagement with government, civil organisations, NGOs, and specialists can help improve food security and income generation in our communities. GR looks forwards to building on these initiatives to help more community members across all our operations.