Carbon Credit
African community
  • 45,000 ha of new forest has been established, probably making us Africa’s largest reforestation company during the last decade.
  • Sao Hill Industries is a subsidiary company of Green Resources AS of Norway, which has projects in Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda. Sao Hill has been active in Tanzania since the early 90’s and is the primary supplier of transmission poles in the country.
  • We believe Green Resources carbon offsets are unique, bringing more benefits to the local population than other projects.
  • Green Resources facilitates socio-economic development and poverty alleviation in rural areas through provision of employment, infrastructure development, schools, health and other community development.
Welcome to Green Resources

Green Resources is one of Africa’s largest forestation companies and a leader in East African wood manufacturing. The company was established in 1995 and currently has 41,000 ha of standing forest across its operations.  GR has a number of plantations in MozambiqueTanzania, and Uganda, and in both Tanzania and Uganda it has active industrial operations. GR operates East Africa’s largest sawmill in Tanzania and was one of the first companies to receive carbon revenue from its plantation forests. As an organisation GR aims to follow the highest international environmental and social standards. As part of its sustainability policy, the company only harvests plantation forest, and plants new trees to replace those harvested. Green Resources’ strategy is based on the sustainable development of the areas in which it operates. The company believes that forestation is an effective way of improving the social and economic conditions for people in the rural areas in which it operates. GR aims to be the preferred partner for local communities as well as the favoured African employer within its industry, and is committed to being an equal opportunities employer. For more information see the company's Sustainability pages.